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  SMR is an eminent group specializing in marketing research, media research, credit investigation and competition information research in China mainland, also it is one of professional market research organs with early establishment, large scale and most rapid development in local area.

  The headquarter of SMR is located in Guangzhou, besides the core subsidiaries of Selection Marketing Research Co., Ltd, Selection Business Credit Service Co., Ltd, Selection Media Research Co., Ltd, SMR Shanghai Co., Ltd,SMR Beijing Co.,Ltd and Selection Fieldwork Center, SMR has established the executive offices in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi’an, Xiamen etc respectively.

  Not only as the director of China Marketing Research Industry Association and one of initiating organs, SMR also is the director of China Broadcast Television Academy Broadcast Audience Seminar and A-class foreign marketing research organization approved by State Statistic Bureau. Regarding the ESOMAR regulation as the operation criterion, SMR makes efforts to provide international standard service.

  SMR owns professional personnel who set foot in marketing research & credit management industry at the earliest time in China mainland, they’re familiar with China market and have accumulated rich experience on research, SMR is one of fewer professional organs capable providing marketing research and business credit investigation service meanwhile in China mainland. In these years,based on the professional research technology, perfect research network and high-efficiency service system, SMR wholeheartedly provides all-directions research service for clients. Also it has become the close partner with many multinational and domestic famous enterprises.


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